Feb 5, 2015

The Grand Bohemian....before pictures!

So many of you have asked for some pictures of the inside of our bus that we decided to go ahead and share some. Of course, there's still A LOT of work to do, so consider these the before pictures. I took them yesterday morning before we put in a long day of painting. You wouldn't even recognize it if you stepped inside now (thank Gawd). 

The view from the front of the bus to the back! Someone thought these colors were really pretty, I'm sure, but they've since been changed.

The kitchen! The cabinet fronts and drawer fronts will be switched out with ones from a home design salvage. 

What will become our living/working area. We're designing a couch with built-in storage that will also double as a guest bed. Once we build out the wall behind the driver's seat (only halfway, of course), a fold-down table will serve as an eating space as well as a desk.

A view from the middle of the bus looking to the back. You can see the shower to the left (temporarily serving as a building materials storage), as well as the wood burning stove to the right. While the bus is pretty cavernous, it actually stays really comfortable with a space heater for 40 degrees and below, and with the stove for 30 degrees and below. The doorway on the left is the WC and the built-out closet is on the right.

The WC! We will build out around the actual toilet so that it will house a small litter box. Behind the toilet we will add various types of hanging/shelved storage. 

Our bedroom! Holy balls, these curtains and paint hurt my eyes. The wooden things at the top are actually built-in shelves. We're designing a platform bed (not unlike the ones at IKEA) that have storage underneath. 

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed the tour. We will be working hard the next few months to get this all knocked out before we have to move in, but I'll be posting pictures of our progess as we go.


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