Feb 24, 2015


We've been hard at work both inside and outside the bus, and we finally have some visible progress to show you. Andrew and my father have taken charge of building furniture pieces for the bus, and my mom and I have been sewing, painting, and preparing the practicalities of small living storage. There's been a fierce learning curve in terms of thinking outside the box, but I think we've had some good ideas that will (hopefully) serve us well. 

Here's the front of the bus after a LOT of paint. If you don't remember what it looked like before, go to our previous post, and you'll see a big difference. It feels so much bigger and brighter in there now!

Some of the painting can be seen in the living room all the way to the back. Fabric, pillow covers, and our new rug also. Things are coming together, slowly but surely!

Our beautiful storage couch/spare bed/thingy! My father and Andrew made this and I have to say, it turned out SO WELL. It has casters on the bottom so that we can move it around inside the bus (a lot of the components of the bus are fold up/out, so furniture being able to move is pretty crucial). It's long enough for a guest to sleep on and, as you can see, is pretty roomy inside. It needs a coat of paint as well as a cushion and pillows, but we're getting there.

Here it is inside the bus! It looked huge in the garage, so I was worried it'd be huge in the bus. It's big, but it will be really comfortable and functional so I think it's worth the cost of the space. 

That's all for now- check back soon for more updates!