Mar 26, 2015

Tiny Design at work

We've been working on the bus about once a week (sometimes twice, if we're lucky) since our last post, and I think it's made a difference you'll notice. Every time I visit the bus, I can't believe how good it looks compared to when we got it. It feels like a home. Our home. And that's an incredible feeling, especially if you've rented all your life. While I didn't think this bus would be as much work as it has been, I also don't know if I would love it as much as I do now. We've bonded, she and I, over hours of paint and scraping and sanding and scrubbing. I hope that work shows through! Take a look for yourself. 

The couch, positioned as a reading nook against the new wall my father built out behind the driver's seat. The finished couch will have a seat cushion and back cushion, but those are still in progress. My mother made the curtains- aren't they fancy? She actually made all the curtains you'll see in our bus. She's a handy lady.

These are the front curtains she made, for when the bus is parked. Creeper Curtains are a necessity when your house is 47% windows.

Sink curtain to hide all things ugly under there.

And next to said sink curtain, our (yet unfinished) cabinets that'll hold all kinds of things now. Those are pull-out cabinet inserts, which basically doubled our cabinet storage. 

See? Neat, huh? We're ordering a smaller one that will go on the right side of the sink.

This is the space behind the toilet with the cedar boards added! We're also going to build a floating shelf for our shelf-worthy items. The weird-looking area where the toilet meets the wall will be a built-in storage space for toilet paper, sawdust, and peat moss (for the waterless toilet. Science).

What's that? Oh, just an awesome idea I had at IKEA that ended up working out pretty well. We were originally going to hang a sliding barn door for our bathroom, but after pricing hardware (ouch) and considering the added weight, I had this stroke of genius: a sliding panel of fabric. Lightweight, and functional. And suprisingly, it worked!

The panel attaches to a track screwed into the wall (all of this is sold as a set at IKEA), and then we attached this handy wand to pull the curtain open and shut as needed. 

When the panel is in its "open" position against the wall, it blends in unobtrusively. Yay!

What do we still have left to do?

  • build the bed
  • replace the folding door with an actual house door (for security)
  • paint the outside
  • finish the cabinets (my dad is making the cabinets himself)
  • install trim for the floor
  • install our fold-down table (which is being made by a seriously talented craftsman, Heath McCall)
  • give the stove a hardcore cleaning (it's desperately in need)
  • put new tires on the bus
  • move in!

What would you like to know/see more about?

Cheers, y'all!

Feb 24, 2015


We've been hard at work both inside and outside the bus, and we finally have some visible progress to show you. Andrew and my father have taken charge of building furniture pieces for the bus, and my mom and I have been sewing, painting, and preparing the practicalities of small living storage. There's been a fierce learning curve in terms of thinking outside the box, but I think we've had some good ideas that will (hopefully) serve us well. 

Here's the front of the bus after a LOT of paint. If you don't remember what it looked like before, go to our previous post, and you'll see a big difference. It feels so much bigger and brighter in there now!

Some of the painting can be seen in the living room all the way to the back. Fabric, pillow covers, and our new rug also. Things are coming together, slowly but surely!

Our beautiful storage couch/spare bed/thingy! My father and Andrew made this and I have to say, it turned out SO WELL. It has casters on the bottom so that we can move it around inside the bus (a lot of the components of the bus are fold up/out, so furniture being able to move is pretty crucial). It's long enough for a guest to sleep on and, as you can see, is pretty roomy inside. It needs a coat of paint as well as a cushion and pillows, but we're getting there.

Here it is inside the bus! It looked huge in the garage, so I was worried it'd be huge in the bus. It's big, but it will be really comfortable and functional so I think it's worth the cost of the space. 

That's all for now- check back soon for more updates!

Feb 5, 2015

The Grand Bohemian....before pictures!

So many of you have asked for some pictures of the inside of our bus that we decided to go ahead and share some. Of course, there's still A LOT of work to do, so consider these the before pictures. I took them yesterday morning before we put in a long day of painting. You wouldn't even recognize it if you stepped inside now (thank Gawd). 

The view from the front of the bus to the back! Someone thought these colors were really pretty, I'm sure, but they've since been changed.

The kitchen! The cabinet fronts and drawer fronts will be switched out with ones from a home design salvage. 

What will become our living/working area. We're designing a couch with built-in storage that will also double as a guest bed. Once we build out the wall behind the driver's seat (only halfway, of course), a fold-down table will serve as an eating space as well as a desk.

A view from the middle of the bus looking to the back. You can see the shower to the left (temporarily serving as a building materials storage), as well as the wood burning stove to the right. While the bus is pretty cavernous, it actually stays really comfortable with a space heater for 40 degrees and below, and with the stove for 30 degrees and below. The doorway on the left is the WC and the built-out closet is on the right.

The WC! We will build out around the actual toilet so that it will house a small litter box. Behind the toilet we will add various types of hanging/shelved storage. 

Our bedroom! Holy balls, these curtains and paint hurt my eyes. The wooden things at the top are actually built-in shelves. We're designing a platform bed (not unlike the ones at IKEA) that have storage underneath. 

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed the tour. We will be working hard the next few months to get this all knocked out before we have to move in, but I'll be posting pictures of our progess as we go.


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Mar 21, 2013

A Review of Blood Oath!

The Noise Beneath the Apple is basically one of our favorite music blogs. If you haven't checked them out, you should. They've been so amazingly supportive of us and Blood Oath- especially in their latest review! Take a look:

November 1991 must have been a special moment for the lovelorn duo of ‘The Pucketts’ in their debut EP ‘Blood Oath.’ The date titles the closing track of the song, a nearly a capella piece of whimsical beauty. It displays the songstress at a peaking vulnerability mixed with utmost confidence, a balance very few singers can properly maintain. On one hand, the sullen effort is debased and slightly affluent; the other it is seductively impactful and quite gorgeous. With no melody outside the vocals, the song is even more recurrent.

The Pucketts is a wife and husband duo, who recalls instant puppy-like groans from my own wife who thinks I should pick up a guitar and back her own upbeat voice. But this isn’t some silly idea. The Pucketts manage to inspire, and not only by their construct, but by the melodies and the music. See, tracks like ‘Berlin’ seem so simple in their design. A single rotating melody drives the song, as layered banjos and other such sounds compliment gracefully, adding a slight thickness to give it more substance without ever drowning out the voice or the main instrument. What we have are songs that seem so brilliantly simple, a smooth and intelligible calmness throughout the whole EP. The closing a capella takes this to the extreme, but the remaining tracks are transparently composed and elegantly lucid.

So when one hears that the married duo composed these songs in what seems like a cottage on the lake, you feel entranced and you relate to it. You impose their craft in yourself. I can pick up a guitar! I can sing a ditty with my wife and paint a lyrical landscape! ‘Polaris’ angelic and plain, but never boring. It’s folk, it’s indie, but it never faults into boring folk-indie rock mainstream hooks that seem to be far more poppy than they ever ought to be. The EP, though short as it is, is an unvarnished attempt at honest indie music, channeled through the obvious love of music and the obvious love in the lyrics. The fact that the duo is married (and we can only hope happily) is only the icing on the cake- the affirmation of a loyal listener.

‘Blood Oath’ is one long song to me, a shortened EP of five tracks that flow softly and blissfully. The album crescendos, however slight, with the strings in the title track. But this is a singular idea, a conceptual flash in the pan that recalls love and the wilderness.

The Pucketts and are fresh babies to the musical scene; having ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund this debut. What a way to begin. Their music remains an enchanting example of what emotions can procure when fame and fortune are not the  final step.

Feb 16, 2013

Our first review!

The Noise Beneath the Apple was so kind as to review I Will Carry You, the leading track on Blood Oath:

The Pucketts- I Will Carry You: Indie Single Review

Indie folk has never been sweeter. When the candy-coated duo of The Pucketts announce, to an un-alarmed concert hall audience that they are, in fact, married and blissfully in love, the room erupts with a simultaneous “aaaawhhh.” Their syrupy concoction gives us plenty to discuss, particularly in the lead single ‘I Will Carry You,’ which is leading the pack to the group’s debut EP release ‘Blood Oath.’

The track is an upbeat number, hopping along at a brisk pace. It has no hesitation to get to the enchanting ditty of a chorus, proving the band knows what they did right and are more than willing to show the listener immediately. When the song strips itself even further, we have a breakdown and the song’s highlight towards the last thirty seconds.

It’s a touching and beautiful number. If The Pucketts can keep their charisma and their optimistic synergy into the future, we may have another classy gem of a duo from the indie underworld of Chicago. If it isn’t something in the water, then it must be in the songs.

Feb 1, 2013

Blood Oath is now for sale!!

It's official. We are so, so proud to announce that our debut EP, Blood Oath, is now for sale on Bandcamp for $5 (digital download and physical). Special thanks go to Rick at Handwritten Recording for his tireless hard work and dedication to producing the best EP possible from us. It sounds like a dream.

Buy our EP at:

Happy listening!

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Jan 23, 2013

Our EP Release Party is February 1st!!

Join indie folk band, The Pucketts, as they celebrate the release of their debut EP, Blood Oath. Uncommon Ground has kindly offered to host a special concert with openers Bittersweet Drive at 10, and a performance by us, The Pucketts, at 11. Our EP will be available for $5, and a special poster created by Savannah artist, Kirsten Allen of K Allen Illustration, will be available for purchase as well! Our Chicago fans were our first, and we're so grateful for everything you've given us. Please join us on this momentous occasion!

Visit our "Lineup" page for more details, or our Facebook page:

Oct 25, 2012

Oh, man.

October has been crazy. We literally drove across the country and back in a span of ten days, then flew home to Atlanta for 3 days and back just in time to play a show at Red Line Tap. Check out our Instagram feed for some really beautiful pictures we took along the way.

We have a big show coming up at The Elbo Room on October 29- be sure to join us! This is the first time we'll be performing with full instrumentation (guitars AND piano. The pressure is officially on). A lovely and talented musician, Jeff Ruby, will be joining us all the way from Nashville- it's going to be an amazing show.

We've also got three radio gigs lined up! Radio Crystal Blue, Fearless Radio, and the Chicago Acoustic Underground have all invited us to be part of their shows, and we can't be more excited. Once we know our air dates, we'll be sure to post them here with links so you can listen in.

Have a funtastic Halloween, and come see us this Monday!

Sep 23, 2012

At Home With the Merritts!

We wrote the theme song to this week's episode of a brilliant new web series, At Home With the Merritts. Take a look!

Sep 19, 2012

Chicago Artist of the Month

The Pucketts have been nominated to be The Deli Chicago's Artist of the month! The winner is chosen by number of votes, so if you would like The Pucketts to win (and we would!), please vote now. Follow the link below and the poll box will be on the top right. Then click "vote" for some instant good karma. Thank you so much! We so appreciate all of the support and love we receive from our fans- it means so much to us.